ZEUS Pro Digital Video Recorder

Whether its Wireless & GPS integration, or just basic bare-bones video, the new ZEUS PRO Mobile Digital Video System delivers all the right features for application in Public Safety, Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire, and Correctional Services.

Available with either 4 channels or 8 channels, the ZEUS PRO has advanced functioning 30-30 Vision™ provides the best view on ALL cameras, and ground-breaking Dual-Stage Hybrid Drive (DHD) technology gives you bulletproof durability, extreme reliability, and massive storage capacity.



Highlight Features


  • Wireless Automation – Video/GPS/Vehicle data automatically delivered to your computer. Manage video and configure systems right from your office
  • Vehicle Battery Protection – Integrated cut-off timer to isolate Camera System from vehicle battery 6 hours after ignition is off
  • Email Warning Notifications – Automatically receive email alerts on your computer or mobile device should any issue arise
  • Dual-Stage Hybrid Drive (DHD) – This innovative technology combines the rugged reliability of Solid-State Drive (SSD) recording with the storage capacity of Hard Disk Drives (HDD) into one single removable unit
  • Over 1-Month of High Quality Video Storage – ZEUS PRO with DHD provide high storage capacity (320GB to 2TB) without compromising on video quality (720 x 480, 30fps)


ZEUS PRO Specifications


Features Specification Standard Option
Recording Channels 4 Video and 4 Audio channels x
Recording Channels 6 video and 6 Audio channels x
Recording Channels 8 video and 8 Audio channels x
Compression H.264 x
User Interface Web-browser-based with full control and setting x
Data Retrieval Removable storage device, USB memory stick x
Data Retrieval Wireless x
Auto Overwrite Looped recording mode feature x
Marked Clip Protection Video clips marked by driver are not permitted to be erased until transferred x
320GB HDD 720×480, 15FPS, 1.5MBPS x
500GB DHD 720×480, 15FPS, 1.5MBPS x
1TB DHD 720×480, 15FPS, 1.5MBPS x
2TB DHD 720×480, 15FPS, 1.5MBPS x
32G SDHC Flash 528×352, 15FPS, 1.0MBPS x
64G SDXC Flash 528×352, 15FPS, 1.0MBPS x
60G SATA SSD 528×352, 15FPS, 1.0MBPS x
120G SATA SSD 528×352, 15FPS, 1.0MBPS x
Face Plate Door Lock Security without a lock box x
GPS Receiver Records vehicle speed and GIS location data x
Delay Shutdown Timer User selectable from 5s to 2 hours x
On-Screen Display Date/Time stamp, vehicle ID, sensor status, speed, & GIS info are superimposed on video x
Real-time Clock Accuracy Drift less than 3 min/year and less than 1min/year with GPS option x
Number of Sensors 8 sensor inputs plus driver Event Marker push button x
System Status LED Recording LED, Video Lost LED, System Power On LED x
Network Interface 10/100 base-T x
Network Interface 802.11n WiFi x
Operating Temperature -22°F to 149°F with Flash or SSD or DHD Storage x
Operating Temperature -22°F to 122°F with HDD x
Dimensions 2.14″ x 6.47″ x 8.63″ x
Weight 3.15lbs x
Power Requirement Typical 7W plus 2W per camera x
Over/Under Voltage Protection To mitigate electrical malfunctions x
Operating Voltage 8V to 28V x
Vehicle Battery Protection Built-in timer disconnects camera system from battery 6 hours after engine is off x
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