PatrolWitness™ by 247Security

Who We Are

PatrolWitness™ by 247Security is a dedicated team of international professionals working together to deliver reliable Digital Video Solutions for Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS organizations worldwide.

Our Roots

PatrolWitness™ was conceived to merge advanced 247Security technology with intense scrutiny and input from active law enforcement and public safety personnel.  Decades of technology manufacturing combined with the experience of multiple video disciplines resulted in an identity as a provider of efficient solutions backed by the industry’s best customer service attitude. Patrol Witness continues to expand on these principals through like-minded, customer-service driven partners with reliable, cutting-edge technologies.

Our Goal

Our Goal at PatrolWitness™ is to consistently deliver and support easy to use, reliable, safe and affordable evidentiary recording systems to public safety organizations worldwide.

Our Commitment

PatrolWitness™ will build and maintain integrity-driven practices to best support each partner, customer and end-user of PatrolWitness™ solutions with dignity and respect. PatrolWitness™ processes will maximize mutual partnerships with reputable local service providers in the proximity of public safety end-users as a core team of “1st Responders” to best deliver timely training and service and support!


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