System Components

Components | Typical PW6HD System Setup


The PW6HD In-Car Video system is America’s simple choice!  Designed and built for Public Safety challenges…BUDGET, EASE OF USE AND RELIABILITY.

Patrol Witness by 247Security has gone to great lengths to deliver a robust technology without the price tag, learning curve and long term concerns.

1) Systems are 30-50% less than comparable systems with a Standard 5 Year Warranty!

2) America’s ONLY committed nationwide partner network  delivers on-site and local assistance!



System Components
PW Software:
Photo (Upper Left):  Complete setup for a police cruiser. Additional camera(s) can be added for alternate vehicles or to suit your specific application and individual requirements.                                                                                    Photo (Bottom Left): System diagram (Basic) for PW6HD Vehicle mounted system.  Includes optional WiFi upload. Does not include Body Camera integration or 360 TotalView packages.
PW6HD-003 Kit
PW6HD SYSTEM DIAGRAM_without Bodycamera Integration
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