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Law Enforcement: Patrol Witness employs a special encryption protocol to ensure that vital data is always recorded, and protected so that only authorized personnel have access to the evidence.  Proprietary video encryption reinforces chain-of-custody and affords unimpeachable courtroom evidence.  PW safeguards provide 2- Step authentication (USB Electronic Hardware Security KeyBelow) to further secures evidence from unauthorized access.  Industry Best video security!

Medical: HIPPA Requirements and Medical Confidentiality concerns require privacy and delicacy.  Patrol Witness delivers patient privacy in a manner well beyond any alternative.  Video footage is encrypted and secured from the moment it is created until final disposition.  Administrative overview is provided with 2 step authenticated software -hardware and password.  Enjoy the confidence of seamless protection.


USB Electronic Hardware Security Keys

Audio/Video Data is encrypted through our proprietary encryption protocol provides solid security, but when it comes to law enforcement and public safety, you want bullet-proof security. That’s where the Patrol Witness Security Key technology comes in: Unique Security Keys are assigned, which cannot be copied. Recorded data can only be accessed and viewed by authorized personnel with a valid Security Key.
PW Security Key Chart
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