PR1ME Witness Bodycam

PR1ME Witness Bodycam

The PR1ME Witness is Patrol Witness’ state-of-the-art body-worn camera designed to improve officer safety and integrate fully with our in-car PW6 video system, as well as synchronize and record in tandem with it. With an HD recording battery life of at least 7 hours and a lightweight, yet rugged IP54 design complete with both 720P and 1080P HD recording capabilities, the PR1ME Witness body-worn camera is more than just a bodycam. It’s your first witness on the scene.



PR1ME Witness Specifications

    • Seven (7) to ten (10) hours of continuous HD recording battery life
    • 120 hours of standby battery life
    • Lightweight at 4.5 oz or 127 grams
    • Rugged IP54 and Mil-STD810G architecture
    • Capable of both 720P and 1080P HD Resolution capture
    • Easy-to-use interface with a simple three-button operation design
    • ‘Just-in-Case’ recording provides digital video evidence safety net
    • Access restriction and data encryption ensures Chain-of-Custody protection
    • Superior audio capture with smart noise-cancelling to counter windy situations
    • Patent-pending Quick-Release Mounting Hardware for easy mounting and unmounting
    • Optional built-in GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth Connectivity

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