PW, Essential Business during COVID-19

PatrolWitness™ by 247Security Inc. has been deemed and continues to operate as an Essential Business with respect to Public Safety goals and missions!

Our first priority is the health and wellness of not only our staff but the customers we serve on a daily basis and to this end, we have made the decision along with many others in our industry and around the world to limit travel, adopt essential preventative hygiene measures and  limit staff exposure to large social interactions.

What are we doing to help: PatrolWitness™ manufacturing is adjusting to our customer needs through safe stocking levels as well as”Just-In-Time” manufacturing thanks in large part to communication and assistance from our North American Distribution Program (NADP) Partners and the strength of our manufacturing process.  Delivery of essential equipment and parts needed to maintain fleets operability  has not been affected.  Additionally, NADP partners and technology have been very effective tools  for delivering the best-in-class customer service our customers have grown to trust.

Our company and partners thank you for your service and commitment and look forward to serving you and your communities!

Download Press Release PatrolWitness™ Provides Face Shields to Help Fight COVID-19

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