PW6-HD Digital Video Recorder


Patrol Witness PW6HD Video System The PW6-HD with Dual HD Camera provides the safest way to operate an In-Car Video System with no officer intervention required to get the most complete picture, every time. Safe, Reliable, Affordable and Easy to operate highlight the best value available.  Backed by a standard 5 year warranty…PATROL WITNESS HAS YOU...

PR1ME Witness Bodycam

The PR1ME Witness is Patrol Witness’ state-of-the-art body-worn camera designed to improve officer safety and integrate fully with our in-car PW6 video system, as well as synchronize and record in tandem with it. With an HD recording battery life of at least 7 hours and a lightweight, yet rugged IP54 design complete with both 720P and 1080P HD recording...

ZEUS Pro Digital Video Recorder

Whether its Wireless & GPS integration, or just basic bare-bones video, the new ZEUS PRO Mobile Digital Video System delivers all the right features for application in Public Safety, Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire, and Correctional Services. Available with either 4 channels or 8 channels, the ZEUS PRO has advanced functioning 30-30 Vision™ provides the best...

CDC Rear View Mirror

CDC Rear View Mirror

CDC Rear View Mirror

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