Fire & EMS

The modern public safety responder faces many challenges that their predecessors never had to even consider. Growing populations and larger cities, together with the “baby boomers” becoming seniors, today’s Fire and EMS responders are faced with increasing stresses. The responsibilities on our first responders are immense. At PatrolWitness we recognize these pressures as well as the pressures of our public safety departments to continue to do more, with less.

We consulted with hands-on experts in the field to develop a product offering that is truly unique. PatrolWitness as part of the 247Security family, has over 20 years of experience as a company, in assisting large fleet operations tailor video products and data management to best meet and fill their distinctive needs. Whether it is high-volume, high resolution video, and evidentiary law enforcement recording, accurate video and telemetry data for liability abatement and training enhancement–247Security has the products and the personnel to meet your needs. If you feel the need to record in vehicle patient transport video, 247Security is the leading manufacturer formulating HIPPA compliance policies that will insure patient confidence during their transport.

Our unique features include.
• Minimally invasive equipment to preserve precious dashboard real estate.
• Monitor less system minimizes distraction of the driver.
• Products specifically designed to perform in the punishing ambulatory environment.
• Up to eight event triggers to insure that you record the critical data you need.
• The highest quality video recording available with Modified H.264 Compression.
• Heavy duty, high resolution, versatile cameras to capture the finest details. IR capable models are available for night time condition recording in the cabin.
• Many user definable features allow you to tailor your system to your unique situations.
• Multi-point and multi-axis telemetry data monitoring and recording.
• GPS capable.
• Interface capability with on-board computer increases versatility and expandability.
• Our own “mini-track” software
• Recording media that is state of the art in this industry and capable of withstanding the harshest vehicular environments, surpassing “automotive grade” specifications.
• Data integrity designed to meet the rigors of Law Enforcement and Court requirements
• Customized software to interpret and interpolate the information in a comprehensive manner.
• Intelligent and open software environment insures that the solution you chose today will be able to evolve and grow as you do.
• Multiple options to download your data.
• Wireless, insures accurate data transfer with minimal requirements on your personnel.
• Removable flash card gets your units back on the road for those tight shift changes.
• Ethernet ports allow for the direct download into the building and also allow for the server to be brought to your unit in the lot or in the field.

247Security produces the most versatile video and data recording solutions available today. Even with the most basic systems you can chose to expand and upgrade to the next level at a very competitive and affordable cost to your department, as needed without total unit replacement.

In today’s environment where people seek to take advantage of the sensitive nature of society and its desire to” settle first and keep costs down” attitude, there is a considerable advantage to having UNIMPEACHABLE evidence to collaborate the reports filed in those unfortunate situations where your staff is called into question. There are countless testimonials that testify to legal challenges being greatly diminished just because it is known that video evidence is available. This not only reduces costs but it also preserves the integrity of the driver and staff that are trained responders and critical partners in the emergency response network.

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